MarketWatch Stock Chart Config

MarketWatch StockChart Config allows stock traders to configure Marketwatch stock charting function to do technical analysis which help them decide when to buy and sell stocks or mutual funds. The traders are not tied to pc and can do technical analysis on their smartphone on the go.

Here is a link to Marketwatch stock chart configured for swing traders on pc.

The app allows user to see the same Marketwatch stock chart configured through
saved user config setting with just one button click. Without using the app, the users would have to start internet app on their phone, navigate to, and configure the Marketwatch stock charting function.

Here is a link with more detail description of screenshots!slideshow/c1vu4

YouTube video:

Here is a link to a brief Technical Analysis tutorial on indicators used by stock traders to determine trend, market sentiment and various buy and sell signals!faq/c1dui

Here is a link to Wakey app which let you keep the stock chart awake while doing Technical Analysis



1.5 and up